"The secret to successful hiring is this: Look for people who want to change the world.”

- Marc Benioff

As leader of the biggest CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software in the world, Marc Benioff emphasized on the notion of successful hiring as the fuel that keeps the Salesforce engine going. Just like the beliefs of Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs, Salesforce was founded by innovators and dreamers to not only create revolutionary products, but to also leave a positive influence on the world. Recognized as a Fortune 150 company with a current 70,000+ employees to date, the internet entrepreneur alluded to the five core values – trust, equality, innovation, customer success and sustainability, as the pinnacle for Salesforce’s accomplishments. 

Marc Benioff's Quote

“The secret to successful hiring is this: Look for people who want to change the world.” – Marc Benioff

What are Marc Benioff’s achievements?

  • Salesforce was recognized as the Most Innovative Company by Forbes in 2014
  • Top 25 Greatest Leaders by Fortune in 2020
  • Named “Innovator of the Decade” by Forbes in 2023
  • Awarded by Fortune as the 8th Best Place to Work and 10th Most Admired Company in the World in 2023
  • Honored by GLAAD, the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative and Variety Magazine with the EmPOWerment Award
  • Given $250 million to hospitals and universities battling homelessness, healthcare, environment and public education issues across California.
  • As member of the World Economic Forum (WEF), co-founded 1t.org, a global movement combating global economic crisis by conserving, restoring and growing one trillion trees across the planet by 2030.

Benioff’s drive to hire innovators and team players became instrumental in the growth of the organization. The need of hiring visionaries to go out and make a difference at your company is key to building a successful organization. Employing a top-tier workforce that we can provide will lead you down a path to numerous recognitions, awards, accomplishments, and eventually your rise to organizational success.

How did the philosophy “The secret to successful hiring is this: Look for people who want to change the world.” Help achieve worldwide success?

  1. Trust. Without trust, there is no foundation set for success. Workplace dysfunction can create a virus in culture. The internet behemoth became known for his constant support and generosity of his employees. As a strong believer in the power of collaboration, Benioff strengthened lines of open communication between employees and management. This enhances teamwork with an increase in productivity among the workplace.
  2. Customer Success. Nothing is more important than an employee’s committal to the customer. The idea of making the customer experience as successful as possible was vital to the rapid boom of Salesforce.
  3. Innovation. Marc and his team of innovators had a vision for creating and revolutionizing the software industry with a new subscription model; a fixed, monthly rate model that has now grown explosively across all industries for the last two decades. Without innovation in the workplace, this leads to a non-motivated work environment and decreased productivity levels. Reduced productivity impacts profitability.
  4. Sustainability. Salesforce is a huge advocate for environmental sustainability, backed by its zero residual emissions and 100% renewable energy in the workforce. The Benioff’s, co-founders of 1t.org, believe that planet Earth is their biggest stakeholders. The goal is to create a nature-based world effort to conserve, restore and grow a trillion trees by 2030.
  5. Equality. “There is no finish line when it comes to equality.” Benioff started a movement by committing over five million dollars to address the ongoing race and gender pay shortage all across the world among all industries. From equal pay to equal education, Salesforce believes in equality as a moving force in society, explaining that “CEOs with one button on one computer can pay every man and every woman equally. We have the data”.

The success story of Marc Benioff reiterates the need of hiring winners and innovators that want to go out and change the world. He also believes in hiring passionate employees that are driven to making an organizational impact. At Creative Resource Personnel, we understand the importance of hiring go-getters to accelerate your company to the next level. Hiring team players is a crucial step in the journey of running a successful organization. We take pride in providing you with innovators while you focus on leading your team on the path of success. 


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