“If you’re good to your staff when things are going well, they’ll rally when times go bad.”

May Kay Ash’s Philosophy

Mary Kay Ash was an American entrepreneur known for being the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, a direct-selling company of beauty and skincare products. Throughout her career, she achieved several notable successes:


Foundation of Mary Kay Cosmetics: In 1963, after feeling frustrated by the lack of recognition and opportunities in her previous job, Mary Kay Ash decided to forge her path. She founded Mary Kay Cosmetics to create a company that valued and empowered women, providing them with business opportunities and independent success.

Mary Kay Ash

What is some Mary Kay's Accomplishments?

Innovative Business Model:

Mary Kay introduced a direct selling business model that focused on the independent sales force. This approach allowed women to sell products directly to consumers, earning profits and rewards as they built their own sales teams.



Emphasis on Women’s Empowerment:

Mary Kay Ash believed in the power and potential of women in the business world. Her focus on empowering women as independent sales leaders and entrepreneurs contributed to inspiring many women to take control of their professional and financial lives.



Unique Business Culture:

Mary Kay fostered a business culture centered around values such as integrity, ethics, and recognition. The company implemented incentive, recognition, and reward systems that motivated and rewarded sales consultants, creating a culture of collaboration and shared success.



Lasting Legacy:

The philosophy and principles that Mary Kay Ash established for her company remain foundational in the culture of Mary Kay Cosmetics. The company continues to promote women’s empowerment and provide independent business opportunities on a global scale.



Recognition and Awards:

Mary Kay Ash received numerous recognitions and awards throughout her life, including the “Horatio Alger Award” in 1983, which honors outstanding individuals who have overcome adversity and achieved success.



The success of Mary Kay Ash was not only reflected in the growth and expansion of her company but also in the impact she had on the lives of women who joined her company as independent sales consultants. Her focus on empowerment, business ethics, and recognition remains an inspiring legacy in the skincare and beauty industry.



The phrase “If you’re good to your staff when things are going well, they’ll rally when times go bad” highlights the importance of employees and their contribution to a company’s success and quality.


While there isn’t a single definitive source that supports its authorship, this quote encapsulates a fundamental truth in the business and human resources management world.



The story behind this phrase is based on the recognition that a company cannot reach its full potential or achieve lasting success without a team of committed, talented, and motivated employees. Here are some key aspects of the story behind this phrase:



This phrase acknowledges that while business strategy, technology, and other factors are important, ultimately, it’s people who drive a company’s success. Employees are the ones implementing strategies, developing products, serving customers, and making crucial decisions.


  • Culture and Work Environment:

The quality of employees and their commitment directly affect a company’s culture and work environment. Committed and motivated employees tend to work more efficiently, collaboratively, and creatively, contributing to a positive and productive environment.


  • Reputation and Customer Satisfaction:

Employee interactions with customers have a direct impact on a company’s perception. Friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful employees create a positive customer experience, which in turn contributes to customer satisfaction and the company’s reputation.


  • Innovation and Continuous Improvement:

Employees are an invaluable source of ideas and improvement proposals. Companies that foster a culture where employees feel valued and heard tend to be more innovative and receptive to feedback.


Development and Growth: Investing in employees’ professional and personal development can lead to sustainable growth. Trained and empowered employees are more likely to take on leadership roles and contribute to the company’s long-term success.



In summary, the story behind this phrase serves as a reminder that people are a company’s most valuable asset. Their commitment, skills, and dedication are crucial elements for success and longevity. This phrase underscores the importance of building and maintaining a strong and motivated workforce to achieve exceptional business performance.

“If you’re good to your staff when things are going well, they’ll rally when times go bad.” This timeless wisdom underscores the importance of not just hiring talent, but nurturing it. At Creative Resource Personnel, we’re more than just a bridge between companies and candidates; we’re partners in building resilient, supportive, and dynamic work environments.


In good times and challenging ones, the strength of your team is your greatest asset. It’s about more than filling positions; it’s about cultivating a culture where every employee feels valued, supported, and inspired to give their best, no matter what the future holds.

Build a Team That Stands Strong, together. With Creative Personnel.

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