The Business Sector in Illinois Suburbs: Elgin, Aurora, and Bensenville.

In the suburbs of Illinois, near the bustling city of Chicago, there’s a diverse and lively business scene. In the towns of Elgin, Aurora, and Bensenville, a whole range of companies thrive, each adding to the economic wealth and vigor of the area. How many companies are there in these places and what’s their line of business? Let’s take a closer look.

Prominent Business sector in Elgin, Aurora & Bensenville

Number and Line of Business of Companies

Business activities in these suburbs span a variety of sectors, from architecture to distribution and packaging. Among the standout lines of business are:

  1. Architecture: Design and construction have a presence in these areas, with several companies offering architectural and design services.
  2. Banquets: The events and banquets industry also has its place, catering to the needs of the local community and beyond.
  3. Branding: Companies specialized in branding and marketing operate in these suburbs, providing services to help other businesses stand out in the market.
  4. Distribution and Packaging: This sector is particularly prominent, with companies dedicated to distributing and packaging a variety of products.
  5. Door Provider (Wood Manufacturing): The wood door manufacturing industry is also represented, providing products for construction and interior design.
  6. Exporting: Companies involved in exporting goods find their home in these suburbs, taking advantage of the strategic location near bustling Chicago.
  7. Food Product Suppliers: The food industry has its presence, with suppliers of food products catering to the local community and beyond.
  8. Furniture: From household furniture to office furniture, there are companies dedicated to manufacturing and selling furniture in these suburbs.
  9. Labels and Packaging: Along with the packaging industry, companies specializing in labels and packaging are also present, offering customized packaging solutions.

Prominent Sectors

In terms of prominence, two sectors stand out:

  1. Metal and Plastic Manufacturing: This sector takes the top spot in terms of economic relevance. Companies engaged in the manufacturing of metal and plastic products play a vital role in the local economy.
  2. Distribution and Packaging: This sector takes the second spot in terms of prominence. Companies engaged in the distribution and packaging of products are an integral part of the regional supply chain.

Geographical Distribution of Companies

Where are companies with these lines of business concentrated in the suburbs of Elgin, Aurora, and Bensenville?

  1. Manufacturing: Elgin leads the list as the primary center of manufacturing activities, closely followed by Aurora, and Bensenville in third place.
  2. Distribution and Packaging: In this sector, Bensenville takes the lead as the epicenter of activities, followed by Elgin, and finally Aurora.

These data reflect the vibrant business ecosystem that characterizes the suburbs of Illinois near Chicago. With a diversity of lines of business and a strong presence in key sectors such as manufacturing and distribution, these areas continue to be attractive destinations for companies of all sizes and sectors.

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