Use your resources wisely.

We take care of the operational and administrative recruitment processes. This way, you don’t have to spend months after months on a dedicated area to handle personnel; you only pay when you need the service.

Our Services


Post Position

With our form, we will gather the key information needed to post your job vacancy online.


Information Gathering

Don’t worry about structuring, computerizing, or maintaining candidate information. We’ll take care of it for you.


Job Interview

Our expert recruiters gather the important information needed to screen candidates effectively.


Candidates Screening

We filter candidates based on the essential skills required for the position.



We will send you the candidates selected based on their experience and skills to optimize your hiring process.

Benefits Creative Personnel

We comply with government requirements regarding health insurance, and we will soon be adding Paid Time Off (PTO) as well.

Probation Period

With labor laws constantly changing, you may find that hiring a new employee has become a bigger liability than ever, even during the employee’s 90 day probation period.


Payroll Services

We manage employee payroll and all related tasks such as record keeping, tax calculations, etc.


Terminating Employment

This could be a challenging task and more importantly a serious liability, depending on the circumstances and/or the labor laws governing your industry.