“Clients do not come first, Employees comes first, if you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients”.

Richard Branson’s Philosophy

Richard Branson, a British entrepreneur and business, magnate achieved sustained success across various industries through a combination of innovation, risk-taking, and strategic hiring decisions.

What Branson understood most was the importance of hiring a cohesive team of visionaries. Alike Akito Morita’s success story of Sony, Branson understood that bringing on a team of people who think outside the box while sharing a customer-centric mindset contributed to a dynamic workforce. Branson believed that creating a workplace where employees felt valued, motivated, and engaged was a vital building block in the foundation of the Virgin Group.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson’s accomplishments as CEO of Virgin Mobile

Virgin Records:

In 1972, Branson founded Virgin Records, which today is widely recognized as one of the top record labels globally. Virgin Records signed successful artists such as the Rolling Stones, Aaliyah, and Daft Punk.

Virgin Atlantic Airways:

Branson entered the airline industry in 1984 by launching Virgin Atlantic Airways. Despite facing challenges and disbelief from well-known carriers, Virgin Atlantic became a successful international airline built on the foundations of outstanding customer service and natural friendliness.

Virgin Mobile:

Branson expanded the Virgin brand into the telecommunications business with the unveiling of Virgin Mobile in the late 1990s. Virgin Mobile became a successful no-contract mobile virtual network operator in multiple countries.


Richard Branson’s accomplishments reveal his entrepreneurial attitude, innovation, and willingness to take risks in various sectors. His success is not only measured financially but also in his impact on business philosophy and the need to find the right people to foster a winning work culture. Hiring an innovative workforce was instrumental in assuring success and longevity within his business ventures.

How significant was the idea of “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” Translate into the success of the Virgin Group under Richard Branson?

The notion of employees come first is a key philosophy that has played a substantial role in shaping the culture of the Virgin Group. This belief reflects Branson’s importance on creating a positive and supportive work environment, prioritizing employee well-being, and acknowledging the significance of employees in providing outstanding customer service. This employee-centric style has contributed to a motivated, innovative, and customer-focused workforce, ultimately boosting the success and character of the Virgin brand across various industries.


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