“I will only hire someone to work directly for me if I would work for that person.”

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg reflects on his philosophy of hiring people who work directly for him. In essence, he emphasizes the importance of hiring people he respects and admires, and who he would be willing to work for if the situation were reversed.

Zuckerberg’s approach recommends focusing on traits such as competence, integrity and leadership. In hiring individuals who meet these criteria, his goal is likely to align himself with a team that can effectively advance the vision of his company Facebook (now Meta Platforms, Inc.) and its various projects and initiatives.

It emphasizes the importance of mutual respect and trust in professional relationships and shows that Zuckerberg values ​​collaboration and a supportive work environment where individuals can learn from each other and grow together.

Overall, an in-depth look at Zuckerberg’s approach to building teams and promoting a positive work culture in organizations.

Mark Zuckerberg

Aligning values and cultural fit

Zuckerberg noted that hiring is a problem at Facebook because there is more work to do than people to accomplish it. That can lead to hiring people who may not be the best candidate for a job.


So the Facebook CEO said that his team looks for people whose values align with the company’s.


“Facebook is not a company for everyone in the world,” he said.”


That’s a pretty big caveat, I think. Yes, Zuckerberg only wants to hire people he would want to work for, but he also focuses on people who align with Facebook’s culture and values. I’d guess that those two qualities pretty much go together, but it’s also possible that they don’t — making you wonder how Zuckerberg reconciles things when the two are at odds.

2 things that Mark Zuckerberg looks for in people.

To get some greater insight into how the Facebook founder approaches hiring, I pulled up this video from over 10 years ago (2005, to be exact) where he spends time talking about his talent management philosophy. Back then, he said he was looking for two things in a potential hire:

  1. Raw intelligence
  2. Alignment with what the organization is trying to do

It’s this second point that seems to be the critical one for Zuckerberg, because his focus on finding great people who are aligned with the values of the company are a core principle that he was talking about both in 2005 and then again in 2015. It is obvious that this is the real key for him, and it is something that a lot of organizations talk about but that few really spend much time checking out.

In fact, you can make a great case that cultural fit — how a person really fits into an organization, it’s values, and the people who are already there — is one of the most critical things a recruiter or hiring manager should think about.

It’s interesting to hear what highly successful business leaders look for in the people they hire. I also find it interesting that for people like Zuckerberg, the really critical components don’t really change.

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